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For Accurate, Cost-Effective Results

Our accurate and prompt steel detailers will maximize the efficiency of your construction project by reducing costly mistakes and lagging schedules. MKE Steel Detailing has consistently earned the reputation for bringing one-of-a-kind designs to fruition with exceptional quality and timeliness. The MKE team will complete your project accurately and within schedule.

Steel Detailing Forms the Structure for Construction Projects

Steel detailing provides an accurate image of each structural element, its precise dimensions, where each element is placed, and how it connects with other components.

Every steel detailing project is carefully guided through our time-tested process:

  1. "Embeds" are completed. The drawings that reflect all the steel to be embedded in concrete are produced within a few days of our receiving the contract.

  2. Your model and shop drawings are constructed and reviewed by our team of experienced professionals. Our detailers create your 3D model by adding all members and applying connections. Our ability to rotate and manipulate the visual perspective of your structure as we’re building your model increases the quality of your product. We are able to see mistakes that otherwise might be missed without the use of this highly interactive software tool. In addition to its visual advantage, it maximizes speed and efficiency in the hands of our experienced detailers when changes are needed.

    Your project’s model then moves to our IG personnel (integrated graphics) who create the 2D shop drawings where all necessary views and section cuts are fully dimensioned. MKE prides itself on extremely clean, and easy to read shop drawings, all computer generated information that is not required for approval, fabrication or erection is removed. After the initial IG, our checkers perform yet another rigorous review of your drawings.

  3. At this point your drawings are made available for outside review (fabricator, contractor, owner’s representative, architect, engineer). Once contributors have added their notes/comments, your drawings go back through our process for immediate change.

  4. Your drawings are ready for production. Throughout this process, your team has online access to drawings 24/7 including 3-D models. Building Information Models (BIM) are available upon request.

From start to finish, your project has every advantage - dedicated professionals experienced in all facets of the steel construction industry, ongoing professional training and advancement, 20 work stations with continually updated state-of-the-art software - putting our excellence to work for your project.

MKE Provides Additional Services

Design Build: Need plans for your project? Often we can save you time and money on a project with our design-build services.

Stair/Rail Design: Utilizing the services of our contracted engineer, our in-house stairs/rails expert will design and create whatever is needed for your project. From conceptual design to “wet stamp”/signature and sending it to state authorities, we get it done for you.

On Site IT: Our on site IT keeps our systems running at their peak and ensures a seamless transition from our system to yours. No need to worry about whether or not you will be able to view our drawings or models electronically.

Reviewing Other Detailers' Plans: We will double-check the drawings of other detailers, fabricators and contractors.

Printing Services: You save on printing costs. Print shops charge a premium for your prints. Our three large format printers allow us to produce fully complete and functional prints in standard 24 x 36-inch size – a service most detailers cannot offer. We can also print and deliver drawings to fabricators.

MKE Delivers

  • Advanced Bill of Materials (ABM): We can build a preliminary model and give you the material list to take to your supplier when your first get the construction job. Meanwhile, we continue to detail your project.
  • Timeliness and Accuracy: Steel detailing drawings and models are created using the latest SDS/2 software to produce 3-D models and BIM files.
  • The Seattle Advantage: Our team of over twenty SDS/2 steel detailers right here in Seattle is familiar with local codes and basic engineering principles. Being in your time zone speeds up communication. When you'd like our expertise at a project meeting – it’s just a short drive across town.
  • "Horsepower" to Pour on Speed: When the job is urgent, we have the ability to put more SDS/2 detailers on your project to get it done fast. Our team of detailers understands your needs and works hard to meet them.
  • Creative Problem Solving: You can count on our taking a reasonable approach when issues arise. We don’t hold a job up for every question or misspelling on the drawings. Due to our extensive experience in the fabrication shop, expert welding practices, etc., we know well what is often required in the field to make things work. Your project benefits from our broad experience base. When there are challenges with a design, you will receive alternative suggestions from our experienced detailers. If the issue is complex, we contact the engineer and suggest a solution. If the issue is minor, we apply our own expertise to solve it so the project is not held up. Whenever possible, we move the project forward without delay.

Contact us today to put our expertise to work for you, or request a quote on your project.

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